Adobe Sign - Creating a Signature

You may create your signature before you need to use it, or wait until you need to sign a document.

Typing Your Name

This type of signature is created when you are signing a document, not in your profile as described in Creating a Signature: Unique, Customized Signatures.

  1. After clicking in the signature field, a signature selection tool will open. (See Figure 1.)
  2. Click on Type and then type your name as you wish it to appear.
  3. Click on the Apply button when done.
Fig. 1: Typing Your Signature
A typed signature dialog box for the name Jane Doe.

Unique, Customized Signature

  1. Create your unique signature by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and then navigating to My Profile > Personal Preferences > My Signature. (See Figure 2.)
    Fig. 2: My Signature - None Configured
    A screen capture of the My Signature page showing no configured signatures
  2. Click the Create button to open the signature panel
  3. Select one of the three methods to create your signature:
    1. Draw: Draw your signature with a mouse, a stylus, or your finger. Drawing your signature on a tablet with your finger gives the best overall result.
    2. Image: If you have an actual image of your signature, you can upload that to the system, and Adobe Sign applies that image as your signature when you sign.
      • An Image signature will have the size adjusted to fit the signature field size on each document.
      • Minimal recommended size: 60 pixels tall and up to 600 pixels wide.
      • Supported formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP.
    3. Mobile: The Mobile option allows you to deliver the signature panel to a touch-enabled phone for collecting the drawn signature.
      1. Enter your mobile number then click Send. A link will be sent to your mobile device via text. (See Figure 3.)
        Fig. 3: Mobile Signature - Enter Your Phone Number
        A screen capture requesting mobile phone number input
      2. Click the link sent via text. (See Figure 4.)
        Fig. 4: Mobile Signature - Text Message From Adobe Sign
        A screen capture showing an SMS message from Adobe and a link to click to configure your signature
      3. Draw your signature using your mobile device‚Äôs screen then tap Done. (See Figure 5.)
        Fig. 5: Mobile Signature - Draw Your Signature
        A screen capture showing the mobile draw your signature screen with a name of Sign Here
      4. A message will display directing you to return to your computer to continue the process.
  4. Click Apply when you have created an adequate signature using one of the three methods. (See Figure 6.)
    Fig. 6: Confirm Your Custom Signature
    A screen capture showing a drawn signtature (unreadable) and the cursor hovering over the Apply button
  5. Your saved signature will now appear in the My Signature screen and is now ready for use to sign documents. (See Figure 7.)
    Fig. 7: My Signature - Configured
    A screen capture of the My Signature page showing a configured signature


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